Greetings and well met!

Inspired Conviction is a home for Game Masters new and old, regardless of the systems you run. While there will be system specific content focused mainly on D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, and Pathfinder 2e, there will be system agnostic content as well that can benefit you regardless of the system you use. The goal of Inspired Conviction is to provide resources to inspire storytellers of all experience levels to build their worlds and share them with their friends.

The primary contributor for the content presented for Inspired Conviction is me, Channel Master Nick. I have roughly thirty years of experience running tabletop rpgs, starting with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e but branching out into other systems such as Runequest, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, and Genesys (Edge of the Empire).

I am passionate about storytelling and want to inspire that passion in others! The skills of a Game Master can carry over into other aspects of life and can build bonds that last a lifetime. So if you are a veteran Game Master or you are just thinking of dipping your toes into this side of the game, join me and you might learn a thing or two.